Вебинар «2018 State of the SOC»

Is your SOC ready for battle? Perhaps not as much as you think. According to the Exabeam 2018 State of the SOC report, 79% of SOCs are running outdated tech and 45% are understaffed.

In this webinar, Stephen Moore, Exabeam’s Chief Security Strategist will review data from this report and discuss:

• Trends in SOC technology usage and staffing levels
• Common problems experienced by SOC staff
• Six steps SOC leaders can take to streamline operations

The Exabeam 2018 State of the SOC report is based on the results of an April 2018 survey of US and UK security professionals who are involved in the management of Security Operations Centers (SOC) across CISO, CIO, analyst, and management roles.

Дата проведения: 19 декабря 2018 г.


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